Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill Review 2019

The most obvious advantages of using electric grills are its convenience and ease of use. You can eat healthily while saving time on your cooking if you use an electric grill. Yet, there are myriads of brands and models of electric grills on the market today, and this makes it difficult for buyers to choose the right electric grill. Hence, to help consumers easily zero in on the best electric grill, we are engaging here in Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill review.

General Features of Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill

The best smokeless indoor grill reviews are balanced and unbiased and are very useful and informative to consumers. Thus, in this review, we tried to make an unbiased assessment of the pros and cons of using Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill. We’ve also considered the insightful reviews of experts about this grill. Moreover, we’ve used the following succinct parameters of design and durability, capabilities and ease of use, ease of cleaning, affordability, and warranty in assessing the merits of this electric grill.

Design and Durability

The Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill has a very basic design, though it uses advanced infrared technology along with special reflectors to guide the heat towards the grill’s cooking grid. The result is an evenly grilled food. It also comes with a drip tray underneath the grates This drip tray remains cool; thus, this grill produces no smoke.

The Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill is designed to heat up consistently up to a maximum temperature of 446°F. Its design is pretty simple, except for the fact that it uses infrared technology and special reflectors. Its grates are mounted; thus, when you are going to use it, you need to mount the grates. It is easy to mount and balanced when mounted. Its dimensions are 21.85” x 7.48” x 16.93″. Compared to the George Foreman grill, this one has a smaller grilling space.

When it comes to durability, upon closer scrutiny, you will readily see that it has a solid built. However, the external parts of the grill are made of plastic material. But despite that, it appears to be solid and sturdy. 

Capabilities and Ease of Use

When it comes to its capabilities, Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill is very much capable of doing the job it is designed to do. It has a maximum heat output of 446°F, enough to cook well even thick slices of meat. It is also easy to use with its simple and user-friendly design. It doesn’t have fancy gauges and buttons. Thus, its design appears to be bland, yet compact. It doesn’t have heat settings and temperature gauges. Moreover, its control dial comes with three basic settings, namely: On and Off, as well as Warm options.

Ease of Cleaning

The Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill is easy to clean. You can simply use a sponge to wipe the grates to remove the sticky grease and oil from the grates. Then, you can remove the drip tray and clean it using a sponge.


Compared to other electric grills on the market today, Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill is more expensive than the other electric grills. It is more than two hundred dollars.


The Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill comes with a three-year limited warranty.


  • It can heat up quickly and cook well.
  • It comes with advanced infrared technology.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • It is bulky enough for a small kitchen.
  • It is also expensive.
  • It has no temperature gauge.


This Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill Review allows consumers to see clearly the merits of using this electric grill. It comes with pretty bland yet very easy to operate design. Its features are very plain and simple, though it makes use of advanced infrared technology and heat reflectors. Moreover, it is easy to operate. It looks sturdy and durable as well. We can say that this grill performs well. The downsides of buying this grill are not really drawbacks. It is expensive, of course, compared to other electric grills. It also doesn’t have fancy dials and gauges. Yet, the catch is that it performs its task well. Thus, it is receiving positive raves from its users. We also give it a positive review because it appears to have the great features that everyone is looking for in an electric grill

Charcoal Grilling for Beginners: Tips and Tricks

Grilling might seem like a straightforward task at first. Wait until you try it yourself! It won’t take long before you realize that grilling is an art that not a lot of people can master. From lighting the coals to making sure that the fire stays throughout grilling, there are many things that you need to learn. That said, keep on reading and learn from the things we’ll share about charcoal grilling for beginners.

Charcoal Grilling for Beginners

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It All Starts with Your Choice of Grill

Among others, one of the most important is to use the best charcoal grill for beginners. It should be user-friendly. Do not settle for the cheapest. Rather, consider the features and performance. A good grill is an investment, especially if you are a fan of outdoor cooking. See to it that the grill can maintain a consistent temperature for even distribution of heat. Emphasis should be on quality and not on price.

Invest in a Chimney Starter

It is not enough that you have the best charcoal grill for beginners. It is important that you also invest in the must-have accessories, including a chimney starter. This makes grilling a lot easier since you will no longer need lighter fluid. Starting a fire can be done in an instant. At a minimum, choose a chimney starter with a capacity of at least six quarts.

Oil the Grill

This is one of the most important things that you need to do before you start grilling. Oiling the grates is a good way to prevent the meat from sticking on the surface. You can use a paper towel to rub oil or a brush. Aside from oiling, you also need to pre-heat the grill, which is a good way to get those beautiful lines that will make your grilled treats more mouthwatering.

Create Heat Zones

You have to create partitions in the grill. This is easy if the grill is large but challenging if you have limited space. At one section of the grill, there should be high heat, which will be useful for searing. There is also a portion with medium heat, which is where you will allow the meat to cook without worries that you will burn it.

Mind the Heat

It is also critical that you pay attention to the level of heat when you are grilling. First, you need to think about the meat that you are grilling. For instance, if you are cooking chicken, you will only need low heat. Pork and beef, on the other hand, will need high heat since they take longer to cook.

Add Flavor

When grilling on charcoal, there are different ways to add flavor. Salt and pepper are the most common when it comes to seasonings that you can use. However, if you are looking for a unique way to incorporate flavor into the food, use hardwood. Different woods will have different flavors, most of which will add a hint of smokiness.

Keep the Fire Burning

One of the most challenging about charcoal grilling deals with keeping the coals burning. Especially when it is windy, this can be challenging. Find a way for the fire to stay. Otherwise, there will be a problem with heating consistency. This also means that your food can end up being under-cooked or over-cooked.

Know How to Handle Flare-Ups

Chances are, you will experience flare-ups when you are using a charcoal grill. The fat from meat causes this problem. Some people use a  spray bottle to deal with the flare-up. Nonetheless, this is one thing that we do not recommend since you will just end up blowing ash in your food. The best way to control flare-up is to move the meat to the part of the grill with low or no heat.

Keep Your Charcoal Grill Clean

Right after every use, clean your grill before storage. Otherwise, the residues will harden and will be more difficult to remove. Also, regular cleaning keeps the grill hygienic, preventing the growth of bacteria that can cause contamination. Best of all, this avoids any negative impact of dirt on the flavor of whatever you would like to grill.

Z Grills ZPG-7002B 2019 New Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker Review 2019

Want to smoke meats without the hassle? If yes, then read this short Z Grills ZPG-7002B 2019 New Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker Review and we’ll talk about one of the best products that should be on your list. This is an upgraded model that has been released only this year, so you can expect that it has already addressed flaws with the previous models.

Main Product Features

Let’s get started by looking at the top features that will make this pellet grill worth your attention.

700 Square Inches Cooking Area

If you are looking for a grill that offers a large cooking area, this is one option that deserves your attention. The grilling surface is 700 square inches, which is perfect even if you will be grilling for a large group.

20-Pound Hopper Capacity

It is not only the cooking area that is large in this grill. It also comes with a large hopper, which can hold up to 20 pounds of pellets at a given time. This means that it won’t require you to refill the hopper frequently.

Electronic Ignition

This is one of the features that will guarantee ease of use of this grill. There is no need to manually ignite the flame. All that it takes is a turn the knob and the grill will be ready in no time.

3-Year Warranty

The grill is covered for three years. While some people might think that this is enough, you should know that there are better alternatives that offer a longer warranty, including those that are covered for three years. Nonetheless, that does not mean that this grill is inferior.

The Good

If the features above are not convincing enough, this section will briefly list down some of its benefits to compel you to choose this pellet grill.

Easy Assembly

When you take this grill out of the box, you don’t need to have a hard time to complete its assembly. Most of the parts are already pre-assembled. The manufacturer also provides comprehensive instructions to let you know how to complete the installation. Almost all of the parts needed are already included in the kit.


The versatility of this pellet grill will make it an excellent investment for people who love outdoor cooking. More than being a pellet grill and smoker, you can also use it to roast, bake, sear, BBQ, bake, and braise.

Does Not Require Babysitting

We have seen a lot of high-performing grills that are complicated to use because they require you to be constantly near it. The good thing about this product is that it does not need you to be there to babysit. You can set it and do other things. Even when it comes to feeding the pellets, things will be easy.


The unit itself is heavy, but this does not mean that it compromises its portability. Looking at its design, one of the first things you will notice is how it comes with two wheels on the side, which will make it easy to move the grill around.

The Bad

We want to be fair in our review, so we would also like to highlight some of the drawbacks that might give you second thoughts in choosing Z Grills ZPG-7002B 2019 New Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker.

Can be Prone to Temperature Fluctuations

One of the things that you might not like about this product is how it can be prone to temperature changes. The fluctuations will make the heat inconsistent, which will negatively affect grilling and smoking.


The price of this grill-smoker combo can also be an issue for many buyers. This is in no way targeted towards those who are looking for a budget-friendly alternative. Rather, this is for people who have the budget to spare.


In sum, as we have highlighted in this Z Grills ZPG-7002B 2019 New Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker Review, the price should not be an issue. It can be quite expensive, but you will surely be getting the best value for every dollar. From its construction to its ease of use, there are many reasons to love this pellet grill. The pros outweigh the cons.

Masterbuilt MES 130B Digital Electric Smoker Review 2019

Whether you are just someone who is starting to use a smoker or you are a pro, the Masterbuilt MES 130B Digital Electric Smoker is one of the best products that should be on your radar. It features digital controls that make the smoker user-friendly. It delivers consistent temperatures and has a generous cooking space. Want to know more? We got you covered in the rest of this Masterbuilt electric smoker review.

Main Product Features

Since it is built by Masterbuilt, one of the trusted brands in the global market for electric smokers, you can expect this model to pack a plethora of exceptional features.

Four Chrome-Coated Smoking Racks

The chrome coating on the smoking racks is a nice touch, which makes it durable and easy to clean. The racks are also adjustable. This provides plenty of room for everything you have to smoke. You can cook up to 4 pork butts, 2 whole turkeys, 4 rib racks, and 6 whole chickens.

Patented Wood Chip Loader

This is one of the best features that we like in this electric smoker. The tray is located on the side and outside of the smoker. This allows you to refill the wood chips even when in the middle of the process of using the smoker. This is unlike in the case of other models wherein you need to open the door since the chip tray is inside the main cabinet.

Digital Control Panel

With this feature, you can expect it to be user-friendly. The control panel makes it effortless to set the functions of the smoker, such as turning it on and off, setting the timer, and inputting the desired cooking temperature.

The Good

If you need more reasons to convince yourself that Masterbuilt MES 130B Digital Electric Smoker is a great choice, here are the benefits worth highlighting.

Excellent insulation

We love the insulation of this electric smoker. With the well-insulated body, you can expect it to be efficient as it traps heat. It is not prone to temperature fluctuations. Even when it is cold, you can expect that the insulation will be effective.

Easy to Use

This electric smoker is free of complications, making it user-friendly. One of the reasons for this is the digital control panel, which makes it effortless to set the desired temperature. This also makes it possible to set a precise temperature.


The smoker is quite heavy because of its materials, but this does not mean that portability is compromised. It comes with wheels, so there is no problem in moving it around. There is also a rear handle to easily carry the electric smoker.

Adds Great Flavor to Food

With the use of this product, you can expect mouthwatering smoked flavor in your food. One of the reasons for this is the presence of a water bowl, which effectively adds moisture and flavor to whatever it is you are smoking.

The Bad

We don’t want to be biased on our review of Masterbuilt MES 130B Digital Electric Smoker. With that, let’s also talk about some of the issues you might encounter.

No Glass Window

One of the problems with this electric smoker is how the door lacks a transparent window. We love those that come with glass since it will be easier to monitor the progress. Because there is no window, you will need to open the door often to check what is inside.

Warranty Can Be Better

The manufacturer offers the standard one-year warranty. While this is also what most of its competitors offer, it is better if the warranty coverage is longer. A more extensive warranty coverage will give you peace of mind.


With everything we said about Masterbuilt MES 130B, it is easy to understand why it is praised by many people. This electric smoker comes with a digital control panel, which makes it user-friendly. There are removable chrome-plated racks, which will allow you to adjust the interior to accommodate even larger meats. However, there are also some problems with this model, such as the lack of a transparent window.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel Review 2019

As you search for the best garbage disposal that is currently available on the market, InSinkErator is one name you will frequently encounter. They are known for making disposers that are compatible with existing septic systems. The company also uses state-of-the-art high-quality stainless steel to ensure the longevity of their products. While they offer several models, one of the most popular is the InSinkErator Evolution Excel.

In this InSinkErator Evolution Excel review, we take a look at its notable features, including a few of its pros and cons.

Main Product Features

To start, below are the features that make the InSinkErator Evolution Excel an incredible option for the best garbage disposal.

1 HP Dura-Drive Motor

One of the most notable features of this garbage disposal is the 1 HP motor that makes it almost effortless to tackle any type of food waste, even large chunks. You can expect the motor to be reliable, unlike others that can be prone to breakdowns and clogging, among other problems.

3-Stage Multi-Grind Technology

There are three stages that the waste has to go through during the grinding process, providing an assurance that the food waste breaks down completely. This also minimizes the possibility of jamming since there are no large particles that can possibly get stuck.

Jam-Sensor Circuit

This is another impressive feature that makes it a stand-out within the competitive landscape. It allows automatic adjustments in the torque to provide the power that the unit needs. This also prevents it from jamming.

The Good

If the features listed above are not enough to convince you to choose this garbage disposal, below are other compelling reasons to choose this product.

Operates Quietly

One of the most annoying about many high-powered garbage disposals is how they make a loud noise when they grind food waste. With this product, the noise will never be a problem. It is quiet and won’t disturb any conversation you are having in the kitchen. This is because of Sound Seal Technology, which provides exceptional insulation.

Easy to Install

You will also love how the installation can be effortless. You can easily complete it even on your own. This is unlike the complicated models wherein you will need to ask for a helping hand from the pros. Most of the parts are already pre-assembled and the manufacturer also provides comprehensive instructions to easily complete its installation.

Extensive In-Home Warranty Coverage

The warranty that the manufacturer offers is another excellent reason to choose this model over its competitors. It is covered for seven years. Best of all, the manufacturer sends its representatives to your home to fix any problem instead of bringing the product to them for repair.

The Bad

For a fair evaluation of this garbage disposal, let us also look at the drawbacks that can give you second thoughts in choosing this model over its competitors.


If you have a small kitchen, this may not be a good choice for you. Given its powerful motor, this is larger than most of the disposers that you can see on the market. It might not fit small spaces under the sink, so buy this only if you have generous space to spare.

Drainage Can be Slow

There are also complaints about how slow the drainage is. This can be quite frustrating because the water flows back into the sink. This drawback is attributed to the fact that the opening is small, and it restricts the flow down the drainage.

Final Verdict

As it has been noted in this InSinkErator Evolution Excel review, this is an exceptional product that is worth every dollar. It is not cheap, but with its features and performance, it is easy to justify the cost. From the powerful motor to its quiet operation, there are endless reasons to consider this product in your search for the best garbage disposal.